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International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biosciences (IJRPB) is an open access online and print research journal published monthly. It is intended to provide a global platform for Pharmacists, Professors, Academicians, Researchers, Chemists, Bio-Scientists, Bio-Technologists for the purpose of sharing their knowledge with those of multidisciplines across the globe.

In the post globalization scenario, both Pharmacy and Biosciences have gained a great deal of importance in terms of human physiological and environmental dimensions.

IJRPB is an interdisciplinary bridge with a strong commitment to provide the authors a well designed peer reviewed evaluative process. It undertakes to publish articles/ papers/reports /all contributions of competent and qualitative standards.

Recently Published Articles

Assessment of Cyanide Content of Some Cassava (Manihotesculantacrantz) Products Sold in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
Mowang, D. A, Kalu A. O, Naku J. U, Imonikosaye E.G

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Phytochemical Analysis of Four Neglected Vegetables in Southern Nigeria
Edeoga, H.O., Omosun, G., Nduche, M.U. and Uwalaka, B.N

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Comparative Analysis of Heavy Metals Detected in O. Niloticusfound in Lake Geriyo, Yola, Adamawa State
Mamman Kadiri Isa, K. A. Abubakar and Dluya Thagriki

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Microbiological and Nutritional Analysis of Roots and Seeds of Moringa oleifera
BraideW, Ibegbulem, C.R, Adeleye, S.A, Mike-Anosike, E.E, Lugbe, P.B, Akien-Alli, I.J, Uzor, B.C and Korie, M.C

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Anthocarp Morphology and Foliar-Architectural Characters as an Aid to Establish Taxonomic Status of Closely Allied Taxa Mirabilis jalapa L. and Oxybaphushimalaicus L.'Heritier ex Edgew (Nyctaginaceae)
Debasmita Dutta Pramanick

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